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Diabetes in Children: Signs and Symptoms

Ano ang mga sintomas ng diabetes sa kabataan?

  1. Increased thirst and urination
  2. Pagbaba ng timbang kahit maraming kinakain
  3. Fatigue
  4. Fruity breath smell
  5. Malabong paningin

Alam mo ba na maaaring magkaroon ng diabetes ang mga bata?

Children who develop diabetes have a higher risk of developing other illnesses during their lifetime. It is important to diagnose children early on in order to give them the right intervention, lifestyle modification, and medicine for diabetes.

Upang maiwasan ang paglala ng sintomas ng diabetes, importante na maagapan ito ng maaga. Narito ang mga sintomas ng diabetes sa kabataan.

Increased Thirst and Urination

Increased Thirst and Urination

Is your child asking for more water than usual? Are they urinating more often?

One of the symptoms of diabetes in children is that they have a hard time quenching their thirst. This may be seen in children who start asking for water and other drinks more than usual. This causes them to wet the bed, soil their diapers, and urinate more than usual. This cycle is dangerous because it could lead to dehydration.

Another way to see if your child has diabetes is in the way that they eat. Polyphagia or excessive eating is also a cardinal sign of diabetes.

Pagbaba ng Timbang Kahit Maraming Kinakain

Pagbaba ng Timbang Kahit Maraming Kinakain

Napapansin mo ba na pumapayat ang iyong anak kahit na marami siyang kinakain?

Ang kakulangan sa sugar na dulot ng diabetes ay pwedeng maging sanhi ng matinding gutom sa iyong anak. Ngunit dahil kulang na ang lebel ng asukal sa kanilang katawan, makakaranas sila ng biglaang pagpayat. 

Bukod sa pagpayat ng iyong anak at sa tindi ng kanilang gutom, pwede rin maging sintomas ng diabetes ang fatigue.



Have you noticed that your child lacks the energy to play lately? Did they used to enjoy playing with their friends all day? He or she may be experiencing fatigue.

Fatigue is a term that means extremely tired. It does not simply mean that your child is sleepy. Instead, they may not have sufficient energy or the motivation to do even simple tasks. This could lead to them to having poor performance at school.

Another symptom that you should look out for is if your child has a fruity breath smell.

Fruity Breath Smell

Fruity Breath Smell

Napansin mo ba na biglaang nagkaroon ng maprutas na amoy ang hininga ng iyong anak? 

Mag-ingat dahil sintomas ito ng diabetes. Kapag hindi sapat ang asukal sa katawan ng iyong anak, ang alternatibong pagkukunan ng enerhiya ay ang taba. Ito ang nagdudulot ng maprutas na amoy sa hininga.

Ang isa pang senyales na pwedeng may diabetes ang iyong anak ay kung biglaang naging malabo ang kanilang paningin. 

Malabong Paningin

Malabong Paningin

Has your child been telling you that they have been having a hard time seeing? This can be caused by high levels of blood sugar.

Diabetes can cause a sudden increase in blood sugar. Your child’s eyes may start to become blurry because of this. The reason why is because fluid can be pulled from the lenses of your child’s eyes, making it harder for them to focus. 

Keep a close eye on your children in order to spot any possible illnesses early. This will help to keep them safe and healthy.

Key Takeaway

Ito ang iba’t ibang mga sintomas ng diabetes sa mga kabataan.

Be more aware of your children. If there are presentation of symptoms listed above consult a specialist so that the right intervention and suitable medicine and for diabetes will be prescribed.

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