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Fit Vs. Thin: Which One Strengthens Your Immune System?

Have you ever put a correlation between health and one’s body type? Surely there must be some reason that obese people are more prone to illnesses as compared to those with leaner frames (and take note – I said leaner frames, not stick frames). We know that fact to be connected to heart-related problems. Obese people are those with unusually high cholesterol levels, clogging their arteries.

But when it comes to those with much leaner body types, did you ever wonder which better helps your immune system and prevents you from buying medicine for fever? Today, we’ll pit the two body types against one another and see which wins.

Fit vs. ThinFirst up – Thin

Thin, or by its other name, skinny, is a physical condition characterized by someone having little to no body fat visible. Scientifically speaking, thin people are those with a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 or less.

Because of their physical appearance, skinny people might be malnourished, owing to the fact that their bodies look shriveled up. There are dangers to being this kind of body type. Namely:

1. Heart-related problems

Thin people may think they are impervious to cardiovascular problems because they aren’t obese. But going on fast and junk food binge also puts them at risk to heart-related problems. Bad cholesterol (LDL) will definitely build up and clog their arteries.

2. Diabetes

If they also indulge in sugar-rich foods, thin people may end up diabetic because of the surplus of glucose in their systems. Contracting diabetes could also increase one’s risk to cardiovascular diseases. It is a false notion to think that just because you’re thin, you are impervious to these diseases.

3. Weaker immune system

The body’s immune system needs fuel to run properly. That means a person who isn’t eating the right kind of food and is thin will probably have a weaker immune system, making him/her more prone to suffering from illnesses.

Up next – Fit

Fit people are classified as those who eat a balanced diet (carbs, protein, and fiber) and keep their bodies active by engaging in 30 minutes of exercise a day. Physically, they are somewhere in the middle of thin and obese people, having the right balance of fat and muscle in the body.

Medicine For Fever - Fit Vs. Thin

Both the balanced diet and exercise contribute to a much stronger immune system. Eating carbs and protein fuel the body, meaning the immune system has the right fuel to fight any oncoming viruses or bacteria, while the fiber, vitamins, and minerals from vegetables and fruits absorb LDL while boosting the other functions of the body. Exercise also boosts the immune system, heart, and lungs, to name a few.

The results

Based on the info gathered above, the winner is…

The fit body type! If you want an even better immune system, eat healthy, exercise, and lessen your trips to fast food joints. That’s the only way!

If you have any ideas or reactions to the article above, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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