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Franchise Philippines: 8 Ways to Care for Your Ears

Franchise Philippines: 8 Ways to Care for Your Ears

What are the 8 ways to care for the ears?

  1. Don’t insert Q-tips
  2. Clean them gently
  3. Maintain the ears’ dryness
  4. Use earplugs when around loud noises
  5. Don’t play loud music while working
  6. Listen on a moderate volume only
  7. Let your ears rest and recover
  8. Workout more
  9. Regularly consult with a doctor

Among the various sense organs, the sense of hearing could be considered to be the most taken for granted.

At the same time, it’s rare to see people at a drugstore franchise in the Philippines buying medications that are specifically prescribed for the ears.

A person’s sense of hearing is extremely important which is why the ears must be given extra TLC for it to remain healthy.

Fortunately, this article discusses the various ways you can provide care for your ears.

If you want to know how to show your hearing organs some needed attention and love, then keep on reading.

Don’t Insert Q-Tips

Don't Insert Q-Tips (Source - Leo the Lovely)

Source: Leo the Lovely

It’s a common misconception among people that ear wax must be removed from the ear canal through the use of cotton buds or Q-tips.

Unbeknownst to most people, ear wax is completely normal. In fact, it is actually needed by the ear to protect the canal from small particles, like dust, from entering it.

In addition, the act of inserting cotton buds or Q-tips inside the ear canal could result in the accidental poking of the eardrums.

Another possibility is that the ear wax will be pushed further inside instead of pulled out. When that happens, the ear wax could end up being an obstruction to the normal movement of the eardrum.

Clean Them Gently

Just because the ears are considered to be self-cleaning organs, that does not immediately mean that individuals should no longer practice proper hygiene with their ears.

At times there will be an excess amount of ear wax build up.

When this happens, don’t grab the cotton buds, but instead pick up a soft clean towel and gently wipe it around the outer areas of the ear canal.

Another alternative is by buying ear wax removal solution at the best drugstore in the Philippines. By applying the solution for a few nights will eventually soften up the wax build up and will easily flow out without any needed effort or force.

Maintain the Ears’ Dryness

If the ears have excess moisture, it will be more susceptible to bacteria that could infect the ear canal and lead to further ear infections.

After swimming or bathing, use a clean towel to dry off the ears.

In case there are a few water droplets that entered the ear, just have your head tilted to the side then lightly tug your earlobe to extract the water out.

If the water inside is stubborn and won’t come out, try moving your jaw until you hear a faint “pop” and start to feel the flow of the dislodged water.

Use Earplugs When Near Loud Noises

Use Earplugs

Individuals who utilize loud power tools like electric drills should wear earplugs since the loud sounds produced by the tools may be damaging to the ears, especially towards the delicate eardrums.

If you ever go to a concert, surely, there will be loud music and people yelling. Even in fun vents like such, your ears are susceptible to permanent damage due to the combination of loud random sounds.

For the next concert that you will be attending, bring along a pair of earplugs since with the extremely loud music playing, you are still bound to hear the music.

Don’t Play Loud Music While Working

Another habit to avoid is playing loud music while working with power tools. The loud sound emitted by the tools combined with the sound of music could be overkill for your sensitive hearing organs.

Listen on a Moderate Volume Level Only

In today’s society where earphones seem to be considered as an integral part of an attire, people are now even more at risk of ear damage which could eventually lead to hearing loss.

The danger of using earbuds is its position which is right next to the eardrum. Such positioning would directly deliver the sound waves to the eardrums which could be harmful. The possibility of acquiring hearing loss is even higher if the volume is blasted up high and the people besides you can hear what is on your playlist.

Let Your Ears Rest and Recover

Let Your Ears Rest

If your ears have just recently gone through some audio trauma like from a concert or due to working with power tools, give it time to rest.

After an episode of listening to loud sounds, give your ears at least 16 hours of quiet time for it to recover from the trauma.

Workout More

Not a lot of people know this fun fact, but exercise is highly beneficial to the ears’ health. Basically, cardio workout such as walking, cycling, and running stimulates blood flow even to the ear. With the blood supply delivered to the ears, the various ear parts are enabled to function well and stay healthy.

Regularly Consult with a Doctor

It is ideal to have the condition of your ears checked at least once a year with a professional hearing healthcare provider.

Acquiring this habit will provide regular updates of the state of your ears and also for the early detection of possible hearing defects that could possibly lead to complete hearing loss.

Key Takeaway

The next time that you visit a drugstore franchise in the Philippines next time, make sure to buy medications and maintenance products for the ears.

Always keep these in mind and your ears and hearing capacity are sure to stay healthy and intact.

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