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Franchising Business Tips: Rewarding Loyal Customers

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For every businessman out there, customer loyalty is something that is built over time through high-quality products and services, transparent sales practices, and first-class customer service. May you be a sole proprietor, someone who owns a corporation, or has a franchise business in the Philippines, loyalty is not something that is automatically given to you by the customer.

While a heartfelt ‘thank you’ can be pleasing to the ears, actions still speak louder than words. If you are in a business, you should go all out to show gratitude to your customers especially if they have been purchasing your goods and services for a long time already. Get inspired with the following tips to show that you appreciate your customers’ loyalty.

Have the whole team involved

You may be the boss but that doesn’t mean it’s your sole responsibility! Gather all of your employees and have a meeting where you can all decide what to do to show gratitude to your customers. Encourage everyone to pitch in ideas then vote what could be the best way. Your employees will appreciate having their opinions valued as well!

Old or new—thank them all!

Don’t just reward the new customers by giving them discounts on selected items or a freebie. Remember your long-time customers as well. They have been with you for a while already so thank them on a whole new level by sending them gifts or letting them be the first to experience your new product or service. Give your customers the opportunity to help make your product and/or service better or you can let your customers have the privilege to suggest a new product for your business.

Give feedback

Let your customers know that you really care by taking the time to answer them. Follow them back on Twitter or like their Facebook page but it’s another thing to really interact with them. Like and respond to their posts about your business and retweet their posts especially if it’s relevant to the business. If they placed a note in your suggestion box, let them know you read their suggestion by sending a note or following what they said especially if it’s really applicable for the business. When your customers realized that you are replying to them, they will thank you.

Give rewards

Especially on days when they least expect it. Discounts and free items are good or you can make the reward more personal by striking up a subtle conversation on what they like. For example, you own a bookstore and your best customer is a diehard fan of romance novels. Give her a book about romance or better yet, let her choose a book and give it to her for free.

Celebrate a milestone

Companies reach a milestone thanks to their customers so what’s not a reason to thank them? Have a gathering with your most loyal customers where they can share stories about their happy experiences with your company. Once the gathering is done, send a note that you appreciated their presence and, of course, their loyalty. Make the note handwritten as much as possible so they will know how thankful you are.

These are just some tips on how to reward your loyal customers. Of course you can think out of the box or be simple in thanking them, but be sure it’s sincere because majority of your company’s success was brought on by your customers.

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