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Free Medical Checkup

We at the Generics Pharmacy are holding free check-ups at selected branches for everyone to take part in. Please do remember to call and confirm its availability before coming in.

For interested parties, refer to the chart below to see if we can serve you. For a quick search, press ctrl+f and enter your location.

LUZON (Region I) Ilocos:

LUZON (Region II) Cagayan Valley:

LUZON (Region III) Central Luzon:

LUZON (Region IV) Southern Tagalog:

LUZON (Region V) Bicol:

Cordillera Admin Region (CAR):
NCR, Caloocan

NCR, Las Pinas

NCR, Makati

NCR, Malabon

NCR, Mandaluyong

NCR, Manila

NCR, Marikina

NCR, Muntinlupa

NCR, Navotas

NCR, Paranaque

NCR, Pasay City

NCR, Pasig

NCR, Pateros

NCR, Quezon City

NCR, San Juan

NCR, Taguig

NCR, Valenzuela

VISAYAS (Region VI) Western Visayas:

VISAYAS (Region VII) Central Visayas:

VISAYAS (Region VIII) Eastern Visayas:

VISAYAS (Region VIII) Negros Island Region:



MINDANAO (Region IX) Zamboanga Peninsula

MINDANAO (Region X) Northern Mindanao

MINDANAO (Region XI) Southern Mindanao

MINDANAO (Region XII) Central Mindanao

Why Go For a Checkup?

While this minor medical procedure may seem inconsequential, recognize the importance of being able to detect a possible ailment before it even starts. Check-ups are pre-emptive measures taken by those who want to ensure that their bodily functions are performing normally – which, of course, is a great indicator of one’s health.

If you’re feeling well then it’s easy to dismiss the need for a checkup, but be careful, and don’t go only when you begin to uncomfortable. If you wait until it reaches that stage then it may be too late to keep you from getting sick.

See a Doctor Often

Our health is one of the most important things we should be taking care of, seeing as it will dictate what we can and cannot do on a daily basis. If we take care of ourselves, then we’re likely to perform better in our daily tasks. Otherwise, if we neglect our bodily needs, we tend to slowly weaken – even if we don’t notice it at first.

That said, the importance of seeing a doctor on a regular basis can’t be stressed enough. Do it even if you’re not feeling unwell and form a relationship with them. Be honest about whatever you’re feeling so that the next time you feel under the weather, it’ll be easier for your doctor to diagnose you because they have a complete record of your medical history.

How Many Times Do I Have to Go?

There’s no set amount. Go whenever you can, though people usually average at around 3 to 4 times per year. It also depends on your age; babies and toddlers have to go more often – sometimes up to 10 times a year – whilst those in their teenage years to the young adult stages barely manage 3 annually.

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