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Heavy Problem? How to Not Gain Weight (Or Even Lose It) During the Holidays

Weight gain is an all-too common complaint everyone has when the holidays are over. In fact, it’s so ubiquitous that people think it’s natural to gain a pound or two during the Christmas season. However, there are some cases that are so severe that they have started taking medicine for diabetes.

If you don’t want to be down in the dumps when the jolliest time of the year is done because you got heavier, check out how you can maintain your weight or even lose it:

Don’t eat when you’re bored

Because of the weather, it’s easy to feel bored or sad. Unfortunately, boredom, sadness, and a lot of other negative emotional states can be easily and temporarily solved by eating.

stress eating

Therefore, you should learn to distinguish whether what you feel is genuine hunger or something else. If it’s the former, then go ahead and grab a few bites, in moderation of course. If it’s the latter, have restraint and tell yourself that it won’t solve whatever it is you’re feeling.

Participate in Christmas-related activities

Christmas is supposed to be a busy season. In fact, it’s so busy that it’s quite a funny surprise that some people manage to feel bored or unengaged during this time of the year. If you’re one of those people, then you better do yourself a favor and o the things you should be doing during the holidays.Do some shopping, decorate the house, and pay your friends and relatives a visit. Next thing you know, you have forgotten that you’re hungry.

Get out

Christmas Shopping
Do you think Christmas shopping counts as exercise? 🙂

Christmas is the time when the air is cold and the night lights are beautiful. Enjoy these things to the fullest while they can be found by taking a leisurely walk, jogging, or even biking. Aside from calming you down and making you feel the holiday spirit, these activities will also burn a handful of calories, preventing you from gaining that holiday weight a lot of people dread.

Don’t visit people when you’re hungry

During the holidays, almost everywhere – a house, a party, the office – is holding a banquet. However, that doesn’t mean you can cut down on eating your own food at home and just rely on what will be served on the place you’ll be visiting. While it may seem like a wise thing to do, it’s actually not, as it would actually make you want to eat more.

Size matters

Size Matters

With all the delicious food served for free in your own and your loved ones’ houses, it’s not easy to restrain the desire to feast. This lack of self-control is what makes a lot of people get disproportionately large portions of food, which in turn causes them to gain a few pounds. Don’t be like them; always keep in mind how big the portions you are taking. For example, instead of going for an entire quarter chicken, just go for the drumstick, the breast, or any particular part.

Trying to maintain your weight during Christmas is like a walk in the park during a snowstorm. However, through discipline and these steps, it is achievable.

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