6 Ways To Treat A Child’s Fever

How can you treat a child’s fever?

  1. Track Their Temperature
  2. Give Them Plenty Of Fluids and Rest
  3. Draw A Warm Bath
  4. Over The Counter Medication
  5. Lightweight Clothing and Sheets
  6. Visit Your Doctor

Does your little one have a fever? No matter how cautious you are with your child’s health, fevers are bound to happen. We know how it can be quite frightening when this happens, especially during this period in time, while we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and when tons of viruses are out there. But, don’t freak out! When your child has a fever, this only means that their immune system is working their hardest to fight off the illness. There are a number of ways how to treat a child’s fever at home, and we’ll be tackling them for you today! Read on to find the most effective ways on how you can bring down your little one’s fever and find out when you have to see a doctor.

Track Their Temperature

Ang pag hawak sa nuo ng baby ay hindi isang accurate na pamamaraan ng pag-diagnose ng lagnat. Para masubaybayan ang temperatura ng iyong anak, kailangan mo ng thermometer upang makakuha ng isang mabilis at accurate na temperatura. Makakatulong din ito para malaman kung kailangan na dalhin sa isang doktor ang iyong anak.

Ang isang normal na temperatura sa mga bata ay 36.4C. Karaniwang itinuturing na lagnat ang isang temperatura kapag ito ay umaabot sa 38C o higit pa.

Kung ang edad ng iyong sanggol ay mas mababa sa tatlong buwan, makipag-ugnayan sa doktor para sa anumang lagnat. Kung ang iyong sanggol naman ay nasa edad na 3 buwan pataas at may temperatura hanggang sa 102 F (38.9 C) ay marapat na kumonsulta sa doktor.

Give Them Plenty Of Fluids and Rest

Give Them Plenty Of Fluids And Rest

Kids need to be hydrated with plenty of fluids when they are sick because fluid loss is caused by the different symptoms of the common cold and the flu. When the little one is sick, more water and electrolytes are drawn, especially if they are experiencing symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting. Keeping them hydrated with fluids such as water or electrolyte-containing fluids will help them replace the fluids and electrolytes lost. It will also help them relieve congestion if they are experiencing runny noses. It is important that they steer clear of sugary drinks during these times, as these can dehydrate them.

Furthermore, rest and sleep are essential for your little one’s faster recovery. Make sure that they get ample rest during this period. This will help them get their immune system boosted and help them fight off infections.

Draw A Warm Bath Or Wipe

Ang isang warm bath o pagpupunas ay hindi lang makakapag paginhawa sa pakiramdam ng iyong anak, ito rin ay makakapawi ng mga aches and pains sa kanilang muscles. Ang warm bath ay makakatulong din sa congestion at sa pag regulate ng temperature. Ngunit siguraduhin na tuyuin sila ng maayos upang maiwasan ang pagpasok ng lamig sakanilang katawan na maaring maging sanhi ng ubo’t sipon.

Over The Counter Medication

Over The Counter Medication

Over-the-counter medicines like Paracetamol can help your child feel better and soothe their symptoms. But remember to use this with caution, always look carefully at the label on the medication and follow the directions. Normally, medicines have specific directions based on the age of a child. To be even more sure, ask your pediatrician.

Lightweight Clothing and Sheets

Siguraduhin na panatilihin mo ang kwarto ng iyong anak sa isang comfortable na temperature. Siguraduhin na ang temperature na ito ay hindi masyadong malamig o masyadong mainit. Dapat mo ring bihisan ang iyong anak ng magaan na damit para hindi mainitan ang kanilang katawan. Gumamit din ng isang cotton sheet o light blanket para sila ay comfortable.

Visit Your Doctor

Visit Your Doctor

Kapag sinubukan mo ang lahat ng mga pamamaraan sa itaas, at ang lagnat ay nagpapatuloy parin pagkatapos ng 3 araw, oras na upang tawagan ang iyong doktor at humingi ng tulong medikal. Dapat ka ring humingi ng tulong medikal kapag ang lagnat ng iyong anak ay paulit-ulit na may temperaturang umaabot 38 C o mas mataas pa.

Key Takeaway

It is completely understandable for parents to worry when their child catches a fever, especially during these unprecedented times. However, don’t freak out. Taking these steps on how to treat a child’s fever at home will have them recover in no time. If symptoms still persist, and when temperatures are too high, make sure to seek professional help.