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Medicine 101: Are Diabetics More Likely to Acquire STDs?

When people talk about diabetes, the aspect of sex doesn’t often come up. The truth is, discussing health-related questions regarding sex is important and beneficial for those with diabetes. Rather than tagging this information as taboo, knowing more entails a more equipped mind and perception on this issue. So you take medicine for Diabetes, and it’s now time to talk about sex and how it is different or the same for those with this disease. One of the most important things to discuss is this question:

Are diabetics more or less likely get sexually transmitted diseases than those who are not?

Diabetes raises the risk of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Because of this, many assume that risk of acquiring STD is far less than normal. After all, you’re not really prone to getting any STD if you’re not getting “it” right? This assumption is false.

First of all, there are optional treatments for those with sexual dysfunction affiliated with diabetes. A man with low testosterone can have testosterone replacement therapy, or possibly a much simpler solution such as losing weight. Other things that play an issue can be damage to the vascular system that can blood flow, nerve function, and low estrogen; these may be difficult to deal with but not impossible, as there are various treatment options available.

That aside, a diabetic who has sexual intercourse are more susceptible to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. They are prone to dry, cracked skin, making them more vulnerable to acquiring STDs from an infected partner. As such, it is highly advisable to practice safe sex and to be aware of their partner’s sexual history and health status.

What Can I Do?

While diabetes does affect your sex life in some ways, this doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely. It may be difficult and frustrating at times, yes, but certainly not impossible. First of all, keep focusing on staying healthy overall; keep your sugar level down and maintain a healthy diet. Exercise regularly and be hydrated at all times. Get enough sleep!

When it comes to sex, be careful about who you sleep with. As previously mentioned, make sure you talk to your partner and that both of you have thoroughly discussed possible risks. Never forget to use a condom and other protection such as a dental dam if you are about to practice coitus. Do not hesitate to consult with a doctor and seek treatment right away if you suspect an STD. Lastly, know that sex is not the only way you can be intimate with your partner. There are lots of other ways to bond with each other that does not involve intercourse!

Diabetics may be more prone to acquiring STD but that doesn’t mean there is no way whatsoever to prevent this from happening. As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to lower your risk. Above all, it is best to be well-informed about the topic. Although, for some people, sex talks might be a very touchy subject to talk about, this notion and perception should be towed away; especially if your health is on the line. Learn more to prevent more.

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