Cough & Cold Remedies


Though cough and colds are viewed as the most common and irritating ailments, they are usually symptoms of an upcoming fever or other sickness, indicating that your body needs to rest. Coughing spells can be caused by either of these two: 1) a congestion of phlegm in the chest and throat that is too thick to be expelled or 2) irritants such as dirt particles and pollutants that are inhaled via nose or throat.

On the other hand, colds, also known as runny noses or sniffles, are caused by a build up of mucous in the nose as a defence mechanism to get rid of a virus or bacteria on the onset. As mentioned earlier, a cold is one of the first symptoms of a malaise such as fever or flu. The Generics Pharmacy is stacked with medicine for cough and cold. For dealing with cough, we have suppressants, expectorants, and topical medicine. For colds, we have medication for steam inhalation and nasal sprays, to name a few. Should symptoms persist, it is best to also best to get medicines for fever and muscle pain.

For Cough
Suppressants reduce coughing fits caused by pollution or dirt particles that irritate and inflame the throat.
Expectorants loosen phlegm in the nose and throat so it can be pushed out easier. The most common example of this is guaifenesin.
Topical remedies can be applied to the nose, throat, and temple of a person to provide relief for both cough and colds.
Lozenges are orally ingested medicines that reduce inflammation brought about by infections in the nose and throat.
For Colds
Steam inhalation medication uses remedies such as camphor and menthol in gas form that give comfort to patients suffering from runny noses.
Nasal sprays reduce swelling of the nasal passages caused by sinusitis, allergies, and other related sicknesses when taken through the nose.
Acetylcisteine 200mg Granules per sachet P17.25
Acetylcisteine Tab 600mg Effervescent per tab P37.50
Ambroxol Cap 75mg (SOLVOMAX) per cap P22.00
Ambroxol Drops 6mg/mL (MUCOSOLVE) 15 mL Bot. P27.00
Ambroxol Syrup 15mg/5mL (MUCOSOLVE) 60 mL Bot. P28.00
Ambroxol Syrup 30mg/5mL (MUCOSOLVE) 60 mL Bot. P33.00
Ambroxol Tab 30mg (MUCOSOLVE) per tab P1.00
Bromhexine HCL syrup 4 mg/5mL (MUCOHEX) 60 mL Bot. P30.00
Bromhexine HCL tab 8 mg (MUCOHEX) per tab P0.75
Butamirate Citrate Syrup 120mL per bottle P138.00
Butamirate Citrate Tab 50mg per tab P10.75
Carbocisteine cap 500 mg (CISFLEM) per cap P2.50
Carbocisteine drops 50 mg/mL (CISFLEM) 15 mL Bot. P28.00
Carbocisteine syrup 100 mg/5mL 60 mL Bot. P31.00
Carbocisteine syrup 125 mg/5mL 60 mL Bot. P28.00
Carbocisteine syrup 250 mg/5mL 60 mL Bot. P37.00
Dextromethorphan HBr syrup 10 mg/5 mL 60 mL Bot. P31.00
Dextromethorphan HBr tab 10 mg per tab P1.75
Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol + Amymetacresol per Lozenge (1 pc) P3.00
Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol + Amymetacresol Orange Flavor per Lozenge (1 pc) P3.00