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“Boredom Busters!” Fun Things To Do When You’re Sick


Stuck in your sick-space with your blanket, tissues, and medicine for cough and cold? Eeeek. You must be totally bored right now! Of course you can read, that’s a surefire way to kill boredom –  you just need to make sure the book is not a lullaby in disguise. Oh, and that laptop and TV remote! Everyone else who is sick will also do what you are thinking right now – movie marathon, right? Why settle for average things if you can still be awesome when sick? Yes, you read it right: be AWESOME while sick!

Rule the world as you do these fun things between sneezes and coughs. ‘Cause who says you can’t?

BOREDOM BUSTER NO.1: Organize Your Closet In Rainbow Colors!

Forget about those Wednesdays when you weren’t able to come to school in a pink, flashy blouse a la Regina George of Mean Girls. Now that you’re sick, you got plenty of time to organize your clothes – finally, after years and years of waiting! (Of course, I’m exaggerating. Don’t be offended.)

ROYGBIV clothes

Start sorting your clothes by how you use them – shorts go with shorts, tops with tops. Then, sort them by colors using the ROYGBIV as a pattern. Yes, let’s go back to your kindergarten lessons: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. But for better results, replace indigo with purple and violet with pink. If you are unsure about a color, put it between the closest colors.  For example, you can put a coral dress after red but before orange.

How about those earthly colors you love to wear? Group them together: cream, brown, black, gray and white. Now, you won’t have any trouble looking for something that will reflect your mood today!

BOREDOM BUSTER NO.2: Inspire Yourself With Hanging Photo Gallery!

Oh, making a clothesline-like photo gallery is too common. Have you forgotten? This should be an awesome day! Instead of framing

DIY Photo Wall

your photos on the wall or hanging them in a clothesline-turned-photoline, why not directly hang them from a string? Yes, poke holes through the photos’ borders and insert strings through them. Then, hang them from the ceiling or curtain rod nearest to your bed so you can stare at your masterpiece.

Here’s another tip: Print the pictures and cut them like polaroids! And strings don’t have to be boring strings – you can use a string of beads, a string of ribbons, a string of beans. Just kidding.

The great thing about this is you are absolutely free to choose which photos you want to hang. That inspiring family picture? Or this cute, adorable baby picture of yours? Or how about the wonderful city lights in Paris? Those pictures can even be the reason for your fast recovery as you feel better looking at them!

If you are still wondering about how this hanging pictures look like, the picture on the side is a similar idea.

BOREDOM BUSTER NO.3: Create Hipster Shirt!

DIY Hipster Shredded Shirt

No, you don’t have to sew here. And by hipster, I really mean standing out from the crowd. Remember how everyone in Pinterest or Facebook is posting photos of her cut t-shirts? You can cut your old t-shirts too – with a twist! Instead of plain t-shirts, why not cut those graphic tees?

Take your printed shirt and cut some thin rectangles in the front. Experiment with cutting some rectangles straight across and some on an angle—these will be the “windows”! Now, put a contrasting or complimenting tight-fitting tube underneath and you’re ready for a runway show with a hipster shredded t-shirt!

Now, go and make your sick-day the most awesome sick-day ever!

P.S. Don’t forget to take a selfie with #SickButAwesome!

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