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5 Common Denominators Of Happy Healthy People


Happiness and health are two qualities we don’t usually find in a single person but whenever we do, we wonder – how do they do it? Being naturally glowing and being well is something happy and healthy people are good at. It’s like there’s a secret to it.

While it is true that a healthy body is indeed a healthy mind, our bodies may not be perfectly immune to sickness. But whenever they aren’t reaching for medicine for headache and fever, what it is that happy healthy people have in common that we’re missing? Perhaps it’s right under our noses?

Worry Less

One thing you may notice about happy people is how carefree they seem to be. It’s because they are! Well, not to the point where they care less of what they do, but they try to live with as less worries as possible. You see, stress is one source of our body’s negative reactions. Once your body is triggered by any stresses, it releases stress-hormones that increase the number of your artery-blocking platelets which can possibly raise your blood-pressure. Yikes.

Because these happy people are stress-free, no platelets will be rising and blocking anything but some scratches and scrapes. So shake off those stress-ridden shoulders, straighten your back and be awesome – ‘cause a bit of correct posture can also help relieve stress-induced pain.

Be Comfortably Social

5 Common Denominators of Happy People

More often than not, people don’t realize that regular socialization is good for your health – mentally and emotionally. It releases bad energy and lets you gain good energy back through different relationship and socializing exercises. Developing a certain level of confidence is key to assert your own comfort zone, right?

So, going out with your friends or your beau once or a few times a week is the way to go. This way, you create that stress-free environment around and inside you. That’s how you nurture your inner mind and outer self at the same time.


Over all wellness is reached not only through being happy of course, you are what you eat, they say. You may not know how much your salty chips are dragging you down, but it’s time to cut back on the extra junk.

There are many dietary programs out there that do plenty of good to a person’s healthy diet, but not everyone is happy with theirs. Many would say they don’t enjoy their diets at all, and that matters because your emotional stability contributes greatly to your metabolism.

While indulging in food doesn’t mean all grease and junk, we can still enjoy a healthy and well-balanced diet while feasting on savory and decadent favorites. Simply enjoy good food choices and don’t treat your body like it’s a wasteland.

Keep A Positive Outlook


Though different illnesses are easily dodged by their jolly qualities, there are a few red flags that don’t involve needing any cure for viruses nor any bacteria. Negativity may either come from or be triggered by stress-induced emotions, so being emotionally vulnerable is not the way to start a happy and healthy life.

To be happy and healthy, a positive outlook on life is a must. After all, nothing beats being at peace with yourself. So put your mind to it and and think happy thoughts! As they say, it’s always a fact of mind over matter.

Be Happy!

Last but not the least, is that being happy is definitely healthy! There are a lot of scientific and psychological explanations to this matter. And as complex as some definitions may be, it’s as simple as how we have a smile on our face every day and how it makes everything else better. It’s how we perceive life that affects how we act on it, and vice versa.

It’s the goodness that feeds our heart. A sense of mutuality, how happiness contributes to the overall betterment of our mind and body’s health. That’s why no emotional burden show through happy and healthy people’s faces, because what isn’t there, won’t show.

Have another happy quality to add? Share it with us by commenting below!

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