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An Overview of Oral Medicine for Diabetes

What are some examples of oral medicine for diabetes?

  1. Glibenclamide
  2. Gliclazide
  3. Metformin

Medicines for diabetes come in many forms, one of which is the oral supplements offered by the best drugstore in the Philippines. Ang mga prime advantages ng mga oral medicines na ito ay nanggagaling sa kanilang quality to na makapagbigay ng convenient at economic na tulong sa mga diabetics. They are portable, non-invasive, easy to store and does not require special training para gamitin.

Ang mga klase ng gamot na ito ay highly dependent sa patient’s compliance and diabetes condition. If your doctor has prescribed one of the medicines listed below, then here are a few things you have to know about them. Check it out here:



Ang medicine for diabetes na ito ay ginagamit para sa mga taong inflicted ng Type 2 diabetes na non-insulin dependent. When your diet has failed to fully control blood sugar, marahil ikaw ay abisuhan na uminom ng Glibenclamide pills. This type of medicine is also called a sulphonylurea which greatly helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Dahil ang mga tao na may type 2 diabetes ay may kakulangan sa insulin, Glibenclamide works by stimulating the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Ang mga cells na ito ay tinatawag na beta cells. Dahil dito, Glibenclamide works because it encourages these cells to produce more insulin. This is why Glibenclamide is always a first line option for treating type 2 diabetes, given that the person is not overweight or they cannot take metformin.



When Gliclazide is mentioned, it is sure that they belong to the class of medications known as the oral hypoglycemic. Ang medisina na ito ay ginagamit kapag ang iyong diet, exercise, at weight reduction ay hindi na kayang kontrolin ang iyong blood glucose without the aid of medication. Gliclazide works by increasing the amount of insulin released by the pancreas na makakatulong sa iyong body na gamitin ang insulin in the most efficient way. Tandaan,huwag mong i-take ang medication na ito without consulting your doctor first because you may contract certain symptoms which will be detrimental to your health.


Ang Metformin ay ang most commonly prescribed type 2 diabetes treatment. Ito ay affordable, very safe, at usually recommended as a first-line treatment for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Ang Metformin ay makakatulong para i-utilize ng iyong katawan ang insulin sa mas mabuting paraan and it helps stop your liver from releasing too much glucose into the bloodstream. It helps in blood sugar management with additional health benefits to its name as well. Ang iba pang benefits ng Metformin ay good bacteria growth promotion, glaucoma protection, and it helps in preventing those with pre-diabetes from developing type 2 diabetes.

Key Takeaway

Ang mga medicines listed above are some of the most common medications na makikita mo sa iyong suking botika at sa best drugstore in the Philippines. Ito ay ang mga mabisang gamot na pupwedeng i-prescribe ng iyong doctor sayo. Always remember that you should not take any of these medicines if you are not prescribed with it because this may bring about complications na maaaring maging dahilan kung bakit lumala ang iyong sakit.

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