Stuck in the Rain: 4 Tips to Keep from Getting Sick in Sudden Rain

There are days when you go out and decide not to bring an umbrella because it is sunny, but then it suddenly rains. Upon getting home, you take your medicine for cough and cold to avoid getting sick. We answer some common questions like should you shower after being in the rain as well as provide you with additional tips to prevent you from getting sick.

Can getting caught in the rain make you sick?

You’ve probably heard it from your mom or grandmother growing up that you can’t be out in the rain because you might get sick. Well, there is no scientific evidence to support this belief. Getting wet (whether from the rain or, let’s say, falling into the pool by accident) or getting exposed to the cold will not cause you to become sick. There are, however, certain factors that can make you more prone to becoming sick after being in the rain, although getting caught in the rain itself won’t make you catch a cold or fever.

Rainwater will not cause a person to get sick. What will cause a person to get sick is the temperature change that often occurs when it rains which causes many different viruses and bacteria to thrive. The temperature change is what triggers the sickness, not getting wet in the rain.

Rhinovirus and coronavirus are two of the main viruses which cause the common cold. These two are particularly abundant during the colder seasons, which is why more people tend to get sick during the wet months. The influenza (flu) virus also thrives and replicates faster when the air is colder.

How to avoid getting sick after getting wet in the rain

Shower After The Shower

If you do find yourself wet from the rain, no need to worry because as we already mentioned, rainwater won’t inherently make you sick. We strongly suggest taking a shower as soon as possible. Taking a shower will allow you to stabilize your body temperature. If you aren’t in the mood for a shower yet, soak your feet in warm water to remove any germs and dirt and to slowly take your body’s temperature back to normal.

Use an Antiseptic Soap

It’s not the rainwater that will make you sick but the viruses and bacteria in your surroundings that will. When the rainy season starts, there is one important thing you have to do, whether you get soaked in the rain or not: wash with antibacterial soap. What this does is wash away any bacteria or virus on your hands and body, preventing it from entering your system.

Drink Something Hot

As mentioned earlier, the rain can be very cold. One of the best solutions to avoid getting sick after a strong downpour is to drink something hot. It is proven that taking something hot can help provide warmth to help withstand the chill. In addition to this, a hot drink can clear up the phlegm accumulated in the nasal cavities and the throat, making it easier for you to breathe. Plus, it makes you feel warm and cozy. We recommend drinking warm water with honey or lemon, ginger tea (salabat), or any kind of hot broth (such as chicken sopas, tinola, or your favorite soup) as these can warm you from the inside out while also providing you with natural healing properties.


Do Not Wade In The Flood

With the torrid rains comes flash floods or just your basic ankle-deep flood. Try to avoid these as flood waters may carry several illnesses like leptospirosis. If you cannot, do wear protective gear like boots to protect your body from getting wet from the flood.

Clean Your Surroundings

One of the most common illnesses in the Philippines during the rainy season is dengue fever. It is so widespread to the point that some hospitals even have dengue wards. The reason why there is a great number of cases is due to the rain. Water can accumulate in different areas around your house such as canals, basins, or pots where the dengue mosquito larvae will thrive. To avoid this, throw away any stagnant water around your home. When these containers are not in use, turn them over, or if you really do not need them, throw it away.

It is really awful when it rains as it makes many of us are prone to sickness. Follow these tips and you just might be able to avoid the bug. Carry hand sanitizer or alcohol with you so you can disinfect your hands to minimize the risk of transferring a virus or bacteria into your system. Practice good hygiene at all times. You can also load up on vitamins like multivitamins and ascorbic acid to boost your immune system, making you less at risk of getting hit by sickness like the flu, cold, or cough.

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