The Secret of a Happy Life with Diabetes

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What are the secrets of living a happy life with diabetes?

  1. Express your gratitude
  2. Wish others well
  3. Show kindness

Every one of us probably has their own different definitions of happiness. It is easy for diabetics to think that someone without the disease must feel more joy than them who have to take medicine for diabetes, prick their fingers, and count every last carb.

But that is simply not true. There has been research that proves that the connection between physical and mental health is much more complex. Good health does not guarantee you happiness the same way a person taking generic drugs for diabetes is more likely to become depressed.

There is more to how disease and illness affect your happiness and outlook in life. These are just a few secrets to living a happy life with diabetes.

Express Your Gratitude

Express Your Gratitude

One thing that can take your mind out of thinking negatively and help you be more positive is to count your blessings. Before you get out of bed, think of five things you are grateful for.

You can also keep a note in your mind of all the other things that you are grateful for, like the medicine for diabetes that keeps you alive or your dietitian who has shown you the importance of counting carbs in a way that is simple for you.

Do this first thing in the morning when you wake up, at night before you go to bed, while washing your hands after a good meal, while stuck in traffic, and any other time during the day.

Wish Others Well

Similar to making a mental list of all the things you are thankful for, wishing others well mentally during the day can help your mind avoid wandering and thinking pessimistic thoughts that are sure to follow.

The truth is every person you see or meet has their own struggles that they are silently dealing with in their heads. Wish those people well.

It can be very simple to do too: one way is if you hear a stranger talk about an upcoming job interview, wish them well and tell them you hope that they get the job.

Show Kindness

Show Kindness

Do not overlook something like doing small acts of kindness. Even something seemingly insignificant to you as holding the door for the person behind you can drastically improve your mood. Holding the door for somebody else can mean that you are not stuck in your head at the moment.

Little things can be big things. Do little acts of kindness like calling a family member you have not talked to in a long time or taking time from your busy schedule to see a friend perform on stage.

Acts of everyday kindness improve your whole self-esteem and your sense of who you are. You can also feel like if you can help someone else, you can also help yourself.

Key Takeaway

Happiness can be hard to define because each of us focuses on different things that can make us happy. Some might refer to it as optimism, others extreme satisfaction.

No matter what kind of illness you have or generic drugs you take, any form of happiness can be beneficial to the body. In fact, happiness that comes from a life with meaning can affect you to the core.

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