Attention Parents: 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy During Monsoons

As we usher in the rainy season, we parents need to be on high-alert in keeping our children healthy. As the temperature drops, the risk of our children catching the sniffles soars high. School starts in a couple of days (if it hasn’t for your kid already) and we want them to be drinking in knowledge, not really medicine for fever.

So, to ensure they’re always in the best of health, we’ve prepared ways to protect kids during the rainy season.

Here we go:

1. Dress Up For Battle: Rain coats out!

You can’t expect them to fend off the flu if you don’t dress them up for battle… battle against sickness that is. I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s a misconception that it is ‘the actual rain’ that makes our kids sick, however, it increases the likelihood of it. How? Well, to be clear, it’s not the rain that makes you sick – it’s the cold weather! So when you get wet from the rain, you are likely to get ‘cold’, and when your body temperature drops, you become more prone to a viral or bacterial attack.

So this coming jacket weather, always make sure that your kids have an actual jacket handy to keep warm, and a raincoat to keep them dry. It’s one of the easiest yet surefire ways to protect kids during the rainy season.

2. Hands Clean: The Habit of Washing and Disinfecting

Trivia: We are more likely to get sick during the cold season because we are more exposed to each other during the cold than during summer, hence, we are more likely to spread germs to one another.

Tips for keeping kids healthy during monsoons can be as simple as making sure they always wash their hands. We are all carriers of germs, but our kids are experts at it. They aren’t as conscious about human contact as adults are. During the cold season, when they’re all cooped up in their classroom they become more prone to each other's germs than usual. Help them avoid this by developing in them the habit of washing their hands properly. Our kids only like to wash with water, unfortunately, this does not kill germs. They should always wash with soap. Or you can give them these cute and handy alcohol sprays, or even those fragrant alcogels.

Remind them to disinfect, especially before eating.

3. Up The Immunity: Drink ‘Vitamin C-an’t touch this!’

No misconceptions here, folks! Vitamin C has helped, helps and will continue to help our immune system fight off unwanted intruders. If your kid can swallow capsules already (that’s amazing how did you teach them that?!) – then always remind them to take it after breakfast. If they can’t swallow tablets, like all normal kids, then give them the syrup. I remember Vitamin C as quite the treat when I was a kid, so, I hope they enjoy it as well.

Make them drink vitamin C every day after breakfast – don’t forget! This tip for keeping kids healthy during monsoons has been tested and proven to be effective.

4. Heavy Duty Immunity: Get Flu Shots

How does a trip to your paediatrician sound? Awesome! You’re really serious about upping your child’s protection – that’s really good! Now, ask your doctor the right vaccines your child should get to really give them heavy duty immunity this rainy season. Don’t forget to hold their hand and give them candy after they get injected.

5. Beware of Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is the prime breeding ground for mosquitoes who could be carriers of dengue. This mosquito-borne disease is especially rampant during the rainy season. To avoid making your home a breeding ground for mosquitoes, regularly empty out still water sources such as pet water bowls, planter trays and saucers, decorative urns, and inflatable pools. It's also a good idea to keep a bottle of mosquito spray or mosquito repellent patches handy if ever your kids will be playing outside. These are simple but effective ways to protect kids during the rainy season.

Well, I believe your kid is all set for the rainy season. While the best international schools in Manila offer great facilities in protecting your children from any harm, nothing can beat a parent's care in securing their child's health. Parents, it’s always better to invest your efforts in preventing sickness than in curing it.

If you’ve got important and effective tips for keeping kids healthy during monsoons, why don’t you sound off in the comments section below. We’ll greatly appreciate it!

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