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A Problem That’s Getting Bigger: Why Obesity’s Prevalence is Rising

A Problem That’s Getting Bigger: Why Obesity’s Prevalence is Rising

Over the course of a few decades, the world’s population has grown at a staggering rate—in numbers and in size. Obesity, the gaining of excess body fat to the point of being detriment to a person’s well-being, has become an unprecedented global epidemic. This disorder can cause you a host of different health complications, making you need medicine for diabetes, heart problems, as well as other conditions.

There are many reasons why there has been a great rise of this worldwide health problem in recent years. The following are just a few of them.

Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy food

We can’t deny that there are more processed and artificial food out there than natural ones now-a-days. We have chips, candies, fast foods, and sodas just to name a few. As tasty as these may seem, these chemically prepared foods are loaded with more unhealthy and unnecessary calories, saturated fats, and preservatives as compared to fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood. With those unhealthy compounds practically oozing out of our food, no wonder why many of us put on a lot of weight!

Poor Eating Habits

Poor Eating Habit

And it’s not only what you eat that can cause you to become obese, but also the way you do. Overeating, eating when bored, eating when stressed, eating in-between meals, taking midnight snacks—these are but some of the few eating habits you can develop over time. So if you want to start losing weight and regaining your slim figure, then you’d better work hard on breaking these habits.

Laid-back Lifestyle

Laid Back Lifestyle

Before the invention of computers, automated machinery, and robots, we had to do the heavy lifting ourselves. Even when it comes to entertainment since back then TV, video games, and touch-screen devices don’t exist and we had to get up and go out in order to have a good time. Thanks to all these new technologies and innovations, though, we can do these things from the comfort of our seats or even our beds. Sounds awesome, right?

Well, yes—and no! These new stuff did help mankind a lot, but it reduced our lifestyle from a hard-working one to a laid-back one. This means we do less activity than before, and our bodies stop burning calories the way it used to. And the more calories you take in, the more extra pounds and inches you’ll have! Given time these additional weight will be too much for you to handle, giving you serious and, in some cases, life-threatening complications.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise

Even with our laid-back lifestyle, we’re still busier than ever before. Thanks to our demanding schedules, we’re hard pressed to exercise our bodies let alone find time to do so. And the fact that a lot of us prefer pastimes that hardly involve any physical effort can only make things much worse!

So now that you know why obesity is on the rise; you can do something to avoid being part of this trendy worldwide epidemic. After all, if being unhealthy is in, it’s better to be out!

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