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5 Tips for Safely Giving Kids Medicine for Cough and Cold

What are some tips to safely give kids medicine for coughs and colds?

  1. Make sure the child is of appropriate age
  2. Avoid giving medicine made for adults
  3. Read the ingredients on the package
  4. Don’t give more than the recommended dosage
  5. Consult the child’s physician before anything else

Before you head out to your trusted medical supplier in the Philippines and buy some medicine for coughs and colds for your little one, you first need to know the safety guidelines. The reason you can’t just let kids take medicine is that they aren’t like adults who can easily process these medications.

Children, with their small bodies, can quickly overdose on certain types of medicine that adults want them to gulp down. These medications can also be toxic especially when consumed in large quantities. Simply put, a lot of risks and dangers come with administering medicine to young ones that may lead to further complications.

These are things that can and should be avoided by keeping in mind these tips for safely giving kids medicine for coughs and colds!

Make Sure the Child Is of Appropriate Age

Children that are aged 4 and below should not be given over-the-counter medicine unless otherwise stated by a doctor or pediatrician. The most you can do to help treat the condition is offer them lots of fluids, use a suction bulb, and/or offer hard candy to relieve the throat pain.

You also need to be cautious about giving medicine to children younger than 6. Although they can drink medication, it has to be the right ones and in the recommended doses. If not, then there are going to be severe consequences.

Avoid Giving Medicine Made for Adults

Avoid giving medicine made for adults

Never share your own medicine with your children because those are packed with highly concentrated amounts of substances that only an adult body can take. You might be tempted to do this in order to save some extra cash but you’re only going to end up spending more for hospital bills for your kids.

Only purchase and let them take products that are properly marked for use in babies, infants, or children. These are usually labeled for ‘pediatric’ use on the package so keep an eye out for those marks.

Read the Ingredients On the Package

Always read the package label and medicine ingredients before giving them to your children especially if you’re letting them drink multiple kinds. These medications contain several compounds and some of them appear repeatedly.

An example of this is a pain reliever called acetaminophen which is found in some decongestants. If you offer a separate medication with the same substance on top of the recommended decongestant, then it’s bound to end up in a disaster. Carefully reading the ingredients help avoid accidental overdose that can have really adverse effects.

Don’t Give More Than the Recommended Dosage

When giving children medicine, make sure you follow the instructions on the package or the ones given by the doctor. You should neither increase the dosage nor give it to them more frequently because that can have life-threatening effects.

In order to avoid going over the recommended amount when giving liquid medicine, make sure to use the measuring cup that comes with it and not a teaspoon from your kitchen.

Consult the Child’s Physician Before Anything Else

Consult the child’s physician before anything else

Adults have a habit of making children drink medicine without the approval of a physician. You might think that you know everything about childcare and medication since you’ve had a few or more kids but the case isn’t going to be the same for every child; it isn’t always going to end up well.

Every time you give your child medicine without the recommendation of a doctor, you are risking his/her health and well-being. If you really want what’s best for your child, then make sure to consult with the experts before doing anything else.

Key Takeaway

Adults may easily be able to take medicine for coughs and colds but you should know that children aren’t as strong as grown-ups. Their bodies and internal systems are still developing and can’t take the amount of medication that you can take. So to avoid any complications, make sure to follow these safety tips or guidelines for giving kids medicine!

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