3 Secrets of a Successful Franchise in the Philippines | The Generics Pharmacy | The Generics Pharmacy

3 Secrets of a Successful Franchise in the Philippines | The Generics Pharmacy

What are the secrets of a successful franchise in the Philippines?

  1. Know your customers by name
  2. Make a personal connection
  3. Take the lead

Franchises in the Philippines and in other countries are experiencing a downward trend caused by the increasing preference of consumers to do their shopping online. However, whether you’re a franchisee of medical supplies in the Philippines or another franchise anywhere else, you need to combat this trend.

One way successful business owners have done this is by fostering and building a sense of community at their stores. For nearly 30 years, entrepreneurs and franchisees have opened different kinds of businesses, and the only ones that have succeeded are those that turned their franchises into communities.

You can commit to creating and maintaining your business’s unique culture once you have understood the value of community. Aside from building a community, here are 3 secrets of a successful franchise in the Philippines.

Know your Customers by Name

Know Your Customers by Name

To quote Dale Carnegie, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” In recent times, there have been studies confirming Carnegie’s theory that the simple act of hearing someone else say your name can stimulate your brain in unique ways no other experience can.

It should be a common courtesy for a Philippine franchise owner or employee to remember and refer to other people by their names. When you look across the counter of your Philippine medical supplies store, you should try and name every customer you see. If their name escapes you, have the courage to introduce yourself. Doing this for a while and learning all the social circles in your store builds relationships between you and your customers; relationships which can be turned into revenue.

Make a Personal Connection

Most people can be terrible at remembering details about one another. But when you and your franchise store employees care enough to remember, even the small details can go a long way. Let your customers know; even something as simple as remembering your customer’s frequently bought item can make a meaningful impact.

Your franchise worker team should be comprised of dynamic listeners who understand that when people show a genuine interest in one another, trust can be built. Encourage your employees to remember and reference personal details about customers. Show that your franchise store makes a habit of listening, and cares about customers as human beings.

Take the Lead

Take the Lead

Building a franchise community must begin with you, the owner and leader. According to a study, only 26 percent of people surveyed claimed that they felt their managers practice what they preach. You are not setting a good example for your staff if you’re not taking the effort to follow your franchise company’s values.

Take the lead and create deep relationships with your employees. If you care about them, they will care about your business which can have a positive impact on customer interactions. Let your employees be themselves and show them the importance of personal connections with customers.

Key Takeaway

Don’t think that just because your franchise is small, you can’t have an impact on your community. Successful franchises are those that integrate themselves and influence their community. The real challenge for you as a franchise store owner is finding a way to put the right people in your store to make it possible.

You can make sure your business succeeds by keeping your employees, your customers, and your community engaged and enthusiastic.

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