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Skin Conditions a Diabetic Might Encounter

Diabetes is known to affect every other body parts, and that includes your skin. These skin conditions are usually caused by bacterial infections, although there are other known reasons. Fortunately, skin conditions brought about by diabetes are easily curable and can be prevented easily. Just use skin ointments and take your daily medicine for diabetes, and you’d soon be healthy again!

Still, a lot of diabetics develop skin condition problems at some point. So it’s best if you learn some of them. Read on below!

Bacterial Infections

Diabetics are prone to getting bacterial skin infections, which typically affects the eyelid, nails and other body parts. The infected area would usually incur boils, carbuncles and other deep skin and tissue infections. Remedies for this kind of irritation would usually be ointments and other antibiotic creams to clear up these blemishes, although make sure these are recommended by your doctor first to be certain.

Fungal Infection

Fungal infections are also one of the major skin conditions that diabetics are prone to. Infected parts would commonly suffer from ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, yeast infection and even vaginal infections. Fungal infections also create an itchy red rashes, which are surrounded by small blisters and scales that are often rampant in areas that are moist like armpits and toes. Ideally, it would be best to ask for professional help and your doctor for medication.


According to research, Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color, causing it to turn blotchy. It can affect any part of your body, skin, hair, and even the insides of your mouth and eyes. Usually, Vitiligo happens when cells that produces melanin dies or stops functioning. Fortunately, this sickness isn’t life-threatening or contagious. Proper and immediate treatment would improve the appearance of the person infected, although ultimately it does not cure the disease completely.

Neuropathy-Related Skin Problems

Generally, it is known that diabetics don’t heal easily. However, diabetes is also known to cause nerve damage or neuropathy, which causes a feeling of numbness in any body part affected. More often, though, this ailment is caused by injuring your foot or developing blisters, and when you can’t feel your foot anymore, it would eventually develop a foot ulcer susceptible to infection. So if you know a friend or loved one who’s struggling with diabetes, better make sure to remind of taking caution and tread carefully.

Digital Sclerosis

Sometimes, people with diabetes will contract this sickness, which causes their skin to become thick, waxy and tight as well as stiffen their hands and joints. According to the American Diabetes Association, Digital Sclerosis happens to about one third of people who have Type 1 diabetes. And the only known long-term treatment for this is to control blood sugar levels. For a quick remedy, however, use moisturizers as these can help soften the skin.

itchy wrist

Skin conditions are common among people with diabetes. The diseases listed above only serve as another reminder for you to keep you level of blood sugar under control. That way, you get to avoid having diabetes and any unwanted skin conditions!

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