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TGP Celebrates Janine Tugonon’s Triumph in Miss Universe Pageant


The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) celebrates with the whole Filipino people the recent victory of one of its brand ambassadors, Janine Mari Tugonon, who was crowned first runner-up in the recent Miss Universe 2012 beauty pageant.
While her new title and fame undoubtedly adds radiance to TGP’s quest to promote greater pride in the Philippines, TGP President and CEO Benjamin I. Liuson points out that the company’s key in choosing Tugonon lies in her role as a Licensed Pharmacist, a strategy that proved to be a winner in every respect.
“We have great faith in Ms. Tugonon,” he said. “We chose her as brand ambassador because she is a licensed Pharmacist. She shares the same advocacy we have, that generics medicines have the same level of safety and efficacy as off-patent branded medicines at a more affordable price.”
With her mental acumen topping her physical attributes, the cum laude graduate in the field of pharmacy shows extensive knowledge about medicines to provide more substance to TGP’s reputation for distributing and selling safe and effective generic and housebrand drugs.
“Generics and branded medicines have the same active ingredient, therefore their potency is just the same,” said the 23-year-old beauty queen. “The only difference really is their price. I’m really thankful that we have TGP generic medicines now. They will really help more people afford medicines that they need.”
As Tugonon solidified her own winning stature, TGP’s Liuson likened her achievement to his company’s own journey towards the top. “We were confident that she would make it despite a stiff and rigorous world competition. That is also like our brand, because TGP has to compete with off-patent branded medicines and retail pharmacies selling branded medicines,” he explained. “We are both doing it for the good of the Filipino people.”
Tugonon also received glowing commendation from no less than the “Stars For All Seasons” and TGP co-endorser Vilma Santos-Recto. “I am definitely proud of Ms. Janine Tugonon placing first runner-up in Miss Universe. I am so proud that she’s my partner and fellow endorser in The Generics Pharmacy advertising campaign. We will continue to work on our advocacy regarding providing affordable health care with our Generics Pharmacy family,” she said.
TGP now has over 1,460 outlets nationwide, making it the largest single brand retailer as well as the largest drugstore chain in the country.

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