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TGP trained 1,264 graduates!


The Generics Pharmacy Training Department celebrates its 1st anniversary last Aug 4 2009. The team is composed of Ms. Sophia Gloria R. Ph and Ms. Leona Taming, headed by Training Director Mr. Ochie Ocampo, R. Ph. The Training Dept. already trained 1,964 graduates and still continuing to educate pharmacist, pharmacy asst., owners and managers. Topics include: Best Pharmacy Practices, Proper Dispensing, Effective Customer Service, Patient Counseling, Continuing Pharmacy education and Store Management.

Bundle Pack Lakbay Essentials Kit (TGP)-1
Ascorbic Acid Tab 1g (TGP)-100
Ascorbic+Zinc Capsule 500mg/10mg(TGP)-100
Isopropyl Alcohol Moist 70% 500ml(TGP)-1
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