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Tips for Diabetics During Holiday Feasts

In times when someone needs medication in the Philippines, generic medicines are just as trusted as their pricier counterparts. They tend to be much cheaper, which is good news particularly during the month of December when people spend their cash on gifts for loved ones.

Food is another thing that will remain abundant this month as people will be celebrating the holidays. Their tables will be filled with sumptuous feasts that seem to go on forever. It will clearly be a cause of temptation for many, all of whom should generally watch what they eat. Diabetics in particular should .

Make sensible food choices

Diabetics don’t need reminding to watch what they eat to control their fluctuating sugar level, but this is at the top of the list anyway. You do not have to skip having “Noche Buena” with your family – all you have to do is to cut some fat and calories from your food intake. For example, you can still enjoy roast chicken without compromising your health by removing the skin. If you’re the host, serve healthier dishes like salad to even out the calories on the table.

Watch what you drink

Follow these tips if you are having problems determining which drink you should indulge yourself with.

  • Limit the alcohol you consume by alternating between diet soft drinks/sugar-free fruit juices and liquor. This will also allow you to stay hydrated throughout the celebration and prevent a hangover.
  • Choose a wine with lesser spirits to cut down on calories.
  • According to Diabetes UK, men should only drink 3-4 units of liquor while women should only have 2-3 units to avoid having a hypo.
  • Do not drink while your stomach is empty. At least eat some snacks before you drink alcohol.

Learn to Say No

“No” is one word you would have to learn to say during Christmas celebrations – and for the rest of your years. You are not obligated to eat every dish served to you. Your body is your responsibility so make sure to take care of it during the holidays!

Eat Gradually

You are likely to eat more food if you consume them in a fast pace. Savour every bite of your dinner by taking your time with them. This will give you a chance to really enjoy every bite!


The holiday season may be the perfect time to relax and be with your family. However, this should not be used as an excuse to become lax in performing your daily exercise routines to manage your weight, blood fats, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels.

Make exercise enjoyable by encouraging everyone in your family to join you. You could even include the little kids! Teach them the value of staying physically fit and healthy by doing some jumping jacks.

Test Your Blood Sugar Regularly

Fluctuating blood sugar level is best detected early. Do not fall behind or put off testing it even during a party. Make it a point to visit your doctor after the holidays to make sure everything’s still on track.

Everyone should stay healthy during the Christmas season and should be able to enjoy the holidays There’s no reason for diabetics to be deprived of bonding with their family in the most Filipino way – during a feast!

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