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Sugar Free But Still Sweet: Valentine’s for Diabetics

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner now that January is over. You better have all your plans ready to go and your budget well-prepared if you are planning to spend some quality time with your sweetheart.

But don’t fret if you still haven’t figured it out yet. For sure, some of you are having a hard time determining the perfect gift for your loved one, especially if they turn out to be diabetic. There are several things you can do to make them happy, aside from getting their proper medications from the list of available drugstores in the Philippines.

Here are a few suggestions:

Go on a sugar free spree

The first thing you need to know when dating a diabetic is that they can actually eat sweets and treats – as long as it’s in small portions. This is why you must not go overboard with disallowing them to consume sugar. Let them have some from time to time.

This means that you can totally give them some chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but you may want to opt for those labelled as sugar-free or no-sugar. Aside from this, cooking them a diabetes-friendly home cooked meal is also a nice gesture.

Go with the classics – with a twist!

Remember, you are not limited with just handing out edible gifts on February 14. There are a lot more options you can consider, particularly if your Valentine is a diabetic.

You don’t have to spend too much just to impress the person you like, by the way. For sure, they will appreciate anything you give them. Cards can be cheap but can really be thoughtful if you write your own message or poem. A bouquet of flowers is another idea you can explore, but be sure to order them in advanced so you don’t get caught up with all the Valentine rush. Jewelry is another option but again you don’t have to sweat it if you have a tight budget.

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Put yourself in other’s shoes

A simple gesture that will impress your date is to go through the motions with them for a day. Let them know that you want to understand what it’s like for them to always have to manage their diabetes. If you want, you can check your own blood sugar with them by getting a clean lancet and a spare meter. You might also want to count all the carbohydrates you will be consuming before you both eat your meals.

If you are unsure about how they’ll think about you doing it, ask them beforehand so that you won’t appear condescending or patronizing to them.

Try other non-traditional activities

It’s 2017! There are a lot of things you can do on your Valentine’s date aside from sitting in a formal restaurant and eating dinner. You can literally do anything you want like going to the movies, taking a Zumba class together, visiting a museum, ice skating, going on a road trip, etc. Just be sure to consult your date with your plans so they are ready whatever it is – unless of course if you plan it to be a surprise.

There are more ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special person in your life. You just have to be creative and thoughtful, if you really want to really impress them!

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