Vicky Morales trusts only The Generics Pharmacy® | The Generics Pharmacy

Vicky Morales trusts only The Generics Pharmacy®

Growing up with a doctor for a father, broadcast journalist and TV personality Vicky Morales admits that she has been accustomed to using only the most trusted and effective medicines as he was very particular with the medicinal products that their family would buy.
“My dad, who is a cardiologist, was always very conscious about the kind of medicines we take in. He makes sure that these are tried and tested by several scientific studies,” Morales shared. “It’s good growing up that way because you get the sense that everything you use for yourself has to have basis.”
Morales added that though her father and eventually her brother who followed in his footsteps were very keen on which medicines they use, what matters most is that it should be a good brand, be it branded or generic, and that the source is proven reliable and passes all the necessary requirements.
She believes that with the resurgence of generic medicines, companies like the country’s largest drugstore chain, The Generics Pharmacy® (TGP), are giving people the option to complete the entire dosage and frequency of their medicines to make their treatment more effective.
“That’s the reality out there. There are really cases wherein patients cut short on medications because they could not afford it, even doctors feel so helpless,” Morales said, “That’s why I’m glad there is TGP. They sincerely care about providing the best quality of healthcare to people who are sick. They empower them to fight so better health is now within reach.”
For TGP President and CEO Benjamin I. Liuson, getting someone like Morales as their newest brand ambassador adds credibility to their campaign given her understanding of the current state of the country’s healthcare system as well as her knowledge of the basics of medical education.
“What we like most about Vicky Morales is that she understands the gravity of the situation of our healthcare system and that she is willing to help, having been taught well by her father,” said Liuson. “We’re very excited to have her on board and are looking forward to what else this partnership will bring.”
Aside from Morales, TGP also has other pro-health advocates supporting their cause like Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto and Kuya Kim Atienza, both of whom are well-known personalities in the industry.
The company offers a wide range of generic medicines to its over 1,650 franchised outlets nationwide, from maintenance medicines for the heart, diabetes and cholesterol lowering to their own private label generic medicine, the TGP Paracetamol, which is as safe and effective as the leading and innovator paracetamol brands as proven by a human clinical study conducted by the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute.

Bundle Pack Lakbay Essentials Kit (TGP)-1
Ascorbic+Zinc Capsule 500mg/10mg(TGP)-100
Isopropyl Alcohol Moist 70% 500ml(TGP)-1
Cotton Balls 50's (TGP)-1
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