5 Factors Doctors Consider When Choosing the Best Diabetes Medicine for You

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What are the factors that doctors consider when choosing the best diabetes medicine for you?

  1. Diabetes type
  2. Length of disease
  3. Health problems
  4. Regular lifestyle
  5. Financial capability

Ang proper intake o ang tama at regular na paginom ng medicine for diabetes is important for diabetes management. Everyone’s probably well-aware of the truth that there is no permanent cure for this serious disease. Treatment, at best, helps to keep the condition from getting worse and to decrease the chances of complications. When paired with a healthy lifestyle, nakatutulong din ang gamot to push the disease into remission which means na wala nang lalabas at madedetek na sintomas sa katawan kahit pa nandoon pa rin ang sakit.

Whenever doctors prescribe diabetes medication and treatment, their goals are pretty much the same – pababain ang blood glucose levels, pahupain ang sakit na dulot ng diabetes, at itulak ito patungong remission. The goal may be the same, but the journey is significantly different and doctors don’t give everyone the same type of medication, unlike for what they do with medicine for coughs and colds.

Bago mag-abiso ng gamot ang mga doctor, they first take the following factors into consideration to make sure that if fits the patient and takes proper effect:

Diabetes Type

There are basically two types of diabetes – type-1 and type-2 – and both of them require different medication.

People with type-1 diabetes have a malfunctioning pancrease o lapay na hindi na nakapagpproduce ng insulin – what the body needs to convert sugar into energy. Because of this, they’re going to need insulin shots to help process the glucose o sugar that they get from their meals.

On the other hand, those with type-2 can still produce insulin, but their bodies aren’t capable of using it properly. They may also be given insulin shots but, more often than not, they are given medication na nakakatulong para kontrolin ang blood glucose levels.

Length of Disease

Length of Disease

Another thing that is important to doctors is the duration at which you’ve had diabetes o kung gaano na katagal ang kondisyon na ito sa iyong katawan. If you’ve only been recently diagnosed, then malaki ang tsansa na insulin shots lang ang i-prescribe ng doctor. They’d then look at how these work and see where things’ll go and then adjust your medication accordingly.

If you’ve had the condition for a long time – sabihin nating ten years or more – then doctors may not prescribe certain medication such as diabetes pills that are sure to not take any effect. It’s also possible for your medication plan to change over time since some medicine for diabetes get less effective over time.

Health Problems

Obesity, high blood, heart disease, depression, sleep apnea – these are conditions that could possibly affect the effectiveness of the diabetes medication. These conditions may prevent the medicine’s ability to control your blood glucose level, meaning na walang magiging epekto ang gamot.

It’s also possible for the medicine you take to treat these other conditions to react with your medicine for diabetes and cause some unwanted side-effects. These can range from experiencing new symptoms to making the condition a lot worse. Other types of medication, kahit pa hindi sila iniinom para magpagaling ng sakit tulad ng birth control, can cause the same thing which is why it is crucial for your doctor to have a look at your medical history.

In case there are some things that you know aren’t included in your records make sure to share the information with your doctor. If you keep anything from him/her, you’re simply putting yourself in danger.

Regular Lifestyle

Regular Lifestyle

Your lifestyle or way of life can actually also affect your diabetes medication and treatments.

Physical activity, for example, can help control blood glucose levels but can also cause it to dip too low after a workout. Depending on your workout schedule, it is possible for doctors to change the type and dose of your medications, so make sure to share the details of your exercise routine.

You may also be asked whether you drink alcohol as there are medications that mix poorly with it. Vomiting, sickness, and flushing can develop when you combine alcohol and medicine for diabetes. Doctors may even advise that you stop drinking altogether but you can bargain, and and they may give you other treatment options or simply tell you to limit your alcohol intake.

Financial Capability

Believe it or not, doctors take your financial capability into consideration whenever they’re prescribing you medicine for diabetes. If you’re ever in doubt of this fact, then remember that, at the end of the day, ang gusto lamang ng iyong doktor ay tulungan kang bigyang agap ang iyong sakit.

They’d stop at nothing for this to happen and give you medication and treatment options that can fit in your finances. One thing they may do is tell you to go for generic versions from the best drugstore in the Philippines na ‘di hamak na mas mura pero epektib.

Key Takeaway

It’s easy to think that doctors simply prescribe people with the medicine that’s hot, new, and profitable but the truth is that they consider a lot of factors whenever they do this. Hind man halata pero iniisip nila lahat ng maaring maging epekto ng binibigay nilang gamot at minsan pa nga’y bumabalik sa kanilang mga libro upang siguradauhin na walang masamang mangyayari sa kanilang pasyente. The next time you consult with your doctor, know that ginagawa niya lahat ng pwede niyang gawin upang bigyan kang tulong!

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