Practicing Safe Sex this Valentine's Day

How do you practice safe sex this Valentine's Day?

  1. Why Practice Safe Sex?
  2. Communicate With Your Partner About Health
  3. Use Protection
  4. Avoid Sex While Under The Influence Of Alcohol
  5. Set Basic Limits and Boundaries

Described as one of the most romantic and intimate days of the year, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for couples to express their feelings towards each other. Everyone possesses the right and freedom to explore and their sexuality in whatever way that satisfies them. However, it is important to recognize the consequences if safe sex practices and information are not valued.

Failure to practice safe sex can ultimately lead to sexually transmissible infections (STIs) such as HIV, hepatitis B, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. In addition, it can also lead to unintended pregnancy. So, how can we practice safe sex on Valentine's Day? We’ll go through some practices that can benefit you and your partner in this significant event.

Why Practice Safe Sex?

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To give a quick brief on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), this is an infection that can be passed on to you through sexual intercourse such as anal sex, oral sex, and vaginal intercourse from someone who has an STI. Some things to know about STIs are the ones that are caused by bacteria can be cured with antibiotics. However, STIs that are caused by viruses such as HIV and herpes will result in a lifetime sickness that cannot be cured.

As of October 2019, the Philippines was ranked as the country with the highest rate of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections in the whole world. In addition, the country also experiences a significant number of teenage pregnancy cases every year.

Luckily, more and more people are getting informed about the importance of sex education. Significant advances in reproductive health laws are being made. However, in this digital age, where everything can be read and seen online, taking actions by promoting safe sex and educating individuals about it should be taken advantage of.

Know Your Status and Communicate With Your Partner About Health

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Ngayon na alam mo na ang mga posibleng epekto ng hindi pagsasasagawa ng safe sex, importante na umaksyon upang maiwasan ang mga sakit at hindi inaasahang pagbubuntis. Isa sa mga magandang aksyon para dito ay pagusapan ito kasama ang iyong partner. Mahalaga ang pakikipagusap sa iyong karelasyon dahil makakapagbigay ito ng halaga sa kalusugan ninyong dalawa.

Magtanong kung siya ba ay nagkaroon na ng STI o kasalukuyang may sakit. Wag matakot na magtanong kung siya ba ay may karanasan sa nakaraan ng pakikipagtalik sa ibang tao na maaaring may sakit. Importante din na maunawaan at magkaintindihan na kayo ay magsasanay ng safe sex sa araw na ito o kada kayo ay magsasagawa ng sexual intercourse.

Use Protection and Consider Contraceptives

woman holding up pack of birth control pills

Using protection is one highly suggested way of practicing safe sex because there are many options that can be suitable for you and your partner. Remember that you must consider your health along with your satisfaction, to do so, resort to a kind of protection that you are most comfortable with. Here are various types of protection and contraceptives you can use during or after sexual intercourse.


Condoms are one of the most accessible and cost-effective ways of practicing safe sex. These are small, thin rubber pouches that create a barrier for the penis during sexual intercourse. This kind of protection wraps around the penis and collects semen to prevent it from getting into the vagina. Keep in mind that condoms are not 100% effective, to practice the best safe sex in using condoms, remember to utilize them correctly and mindfully.

The Pill

Para sa pagpapraktis ng safe sex, may mga kababaihan na pinipiling gumamit ng birth control pills. Ito ay isang uri ng gamot na may hormones at ito ay iniinom araw-araw. Bukod sa pagpigil sa hindi inaasahang pagbubuntis, ang birth control pills ay may mga iba’t ibang benepisyo sa katawan ng mga kababaihan. Ang birth control pill ay may 99% success rate kapag ininom ng tama. Para sa tama at mas ligtas na gamit nito, mas mabuti na kumonsulta sa doktor upang makakuha ng tamang reseta sa katawan mo.

Intrauterine Device

The intrauterine device, also recognized as the IUD, is a kind of contraception that is placed on the woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. Although this can be a pricey kind of method in practicing safe sex, it is perceived to be one of the most effective birth control solutions.

Avoid Sex While Under The Influence Of Alcohol

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Ang pagiinom ng alak ay hindi direktang sanhi sa pagbubuntis o pagkakuha ng sexually transmitted infections, ngunit, kailangan magingat sa pag-inom nito dahil ang mga epekto ng alak kapag ikaw ay nalasing ay maaaring maging sanhi ng mapanganib na paguugali at mga desysion na hindi na napagiisipan ng mabuti. Siguraduhin na kayo ng iyong katalik ay nag-iingat at nagiging ligtas kapag kayo ay nag-iinom.

Set Basic Limits and Boundaries

couple having valentine's date

There is nothing wrong with being intimate and expressing your love and affection towards your partner. However, doing it in moderation and setting limits can prevent your chances of catching an STI. One of the practices of setting boundaries is sticking with a monogamous partner. But if you ever do end up being intimate with someone else, it is highly suggested you get to associate with them first to lessen unwittingly bringing STIs or unwanted pregnancies to the relationship.

Key Takeaway

You will discover that if you practice safe sex and follow certain safety precautions on this enjoyable day of love, you can enjoy this event by being intimate with your partner and being healthy and free from the consequences that unsafe sex can bring.

Prevent experiencing unwanted pregnancies and sicknesses by being mindful and educated on sexual intercourse and using contraceptives and protection.

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