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How to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

How to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

How can you prevent heart disease and stroke?

  1. Understanding The Risks
  2. Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels
  3. Watch Your Weight and Practice Good Eating Habits
  4. Lessen Your Alcohol Intake
  5. Quit Smoking

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world? The term heart disease can be very broad and can describe a wide range of conditions that affect your heart. To situate it simply, heart disease occurs when blood vessels are blocked and narrowed in your cardiovascular system. One of the most common disorders you can get when you have heart disease is a stroke because the link between the two is profoundly significant. As early as now, you want to know how to prevent heart disease. Fret not, here are the most common reasons and triggers causing heart diseases and stroke, and how to prevent them. Read on for more:

Understanding The Risks

Lifestyle changes remain the best way to prevent heart diseases and strokes. However, there are some major risk factors that cannot be changed but can be prevented. Knowing and understanding if you are at risk for these diseases can have you exert more effort into changing your lifestyle and habits. Here are some of the determining factors for heart disease and stroke:


According to research, people who die of heart disease and stroke are aged 65 and up. This happens because your heart changes as you age. Your heart does not perform as well as it used to when you were younger. There will be a buildup of fatty deposits over many years of life. However, as you would come to find out, you can learn the lifestyle changes you can make to strengthen your cardiovascular system and reduce your risk of getting heart disease as many years pass.

Family History

You’d want to think about heart disease occurring in your family. If your family history consists of members who have heart disease, your risk may be more considerable. But you should know that just because your family has a history of heart diseases, it doesn’t definitely and completely place you at risk for it. The best way to go about this is to live a healthier lifestyle.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels

man getting blood pressure reading taken

Ngayon na alam mo na ang mga hindi maiiwasang panganib ng heart disease at stroke, gumawa ng mga aksyon at kahit mga maliliit na hakbang sa pagbabago ng iyong lifestyle.

Isa sa pinaka malaking dahilan kung bakit nagkaka stroke at heart disease ay dahil sa mataas na presyon ng dugo. Panatilihin ang normal na presyon sa iyong araw-araw na pamumumuhay. Isang paraan para magawa ito ay isaalang-alang ang iyong mga ginagawa sa araw-araw at kung may mga maaaari bang nakakasama sayo. Inirerekomenda din ang regular na pagbisita sa doktor upang suriin ang iyong pangkalahatang kalusugan.

Watch Your Weight and Practice Good Eating Habits

woman standing on a weighing scale

One of the best lifestyle changes you can make to not only reduce your risk for heart disease but also your overall health is watching your weight and tweaking your diet. Being mindful of what you eat on a daily basis generates a tremendous impact on your health. Obesity is one of the most vital factors linked to high blood pressure. You can lessen your chances of becoming obese by consuming more green food and avoiding fatty, and salty food. As an aside, make it a habit to walk for at least 30 minutes a day if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

Lessen Your Alcohol Intake

drunk alcoholic woman quitting drinking

Ang sobrang pag-iinom ng alak ay may malaking epekto rin sa pagkakaroon ng hindi lang heart disease at stroke, kundi ang iyong pagkahalahatang kalusugan. Uminom lang sa katamtaman at huwang uminom ng higit pa sa nirerekomendang halaga.

Quit Smoking

broken cigarette

We all know that smoking is bad for our health. Once you start smoking, the formation of plaque in your blood vessels immediately increases. This causes the rise of your blood pressure levels to a more excessive amount, begins to tighten your major arteries, and disturbs your regular heart rhythm. This will sooner or later go a long way for your body and can cause complications not only in your heart but in your lungs as well.

Key Takeaway

Being knowledgeable about preventing heart disease will enable you to think about how you can improve your lifestyle and eliminate your unpleasant habits. This will reduce not only cardiovascular diseases and getting a sudden stroke, but also more and more sicknesses. We are only given one body, and it’s best to take care of it in the best way that we can.

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